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A & M Farm And Garden Center
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We carry firewood for you either pick up or have delivered in 1/2 or full cords. Call for pricing and delivery information
The following are our prices for Mulch:
Brown root mulch$25.00 per cubic yard
Dyed Black Mulch

Dyed Red Mulch

$34.00 per cupid yard

$39.00 per cubic yard
Playground mulch$40.00 per cubic yard
Top Soil$29.00 per cubic yard
Fill Dirt$21.00 per cubic yard
Cedar Mulch (in bags only - 14 bags@2cubic feet/bag$70.00
The following are our prices for Stone:
3/8" Blue Stone
3/4" Blue Stone
3/4" Red Stone
$38.00 per ton
$35.00 per ton
$53.00 per ton
3/8" Red Stone$54.00 per ton
3/4" Red Stone$53.00 per ton
1 1/2" River Rock$62.00 per ton
1-3" River Rock$71.00 per ton
3/4" White Marble
3/4" Dixie Pink
$99.00 per ton
$110.00 per ton
Quarry Dust$29.00 per ton
1-3" Goose Egg
1-1/2" Goose Egg
$69.00 per ton
$69.00 per ton
Pea Gravel$60.00 per ton
3/4"Blend$28.00 per ton
Sand$29.00 per ton
Delivery charges depend on your area.
7 Tons or Yards are free if you are in our local area.

4-6 tons or yards$30.00 delivery charge
1-3 tons or yards$40.00 delivery charge
Contact us in Robbinsville, New Jersey, to ask about our sculptures, walkway pavers, or swing sets.